Business Eco-Systems

Enhance Your Accounting Software

At CloudMind Accounts, we’re here to help you enhance the functionality of your existing software. With our expertise, we can recommend a variety of add-on software apps and eco-systems that will seamlessly convert or migrate your current system. We’ll advise and guide you in making the optimal software choices for your business and we will help you with set-up, integration and training.


ServiceM8 is a powerful job management system that boosts productivity for service businesses. With real-time communication capabilities, ServiceM8 facilitates seamless interaction between customers, staff, contractors, and accounting systems. This intelligent app empowers trade and service businesses to effortlessly generate quotes and invoices on the go, ensuring efficient communication between the office, field staff, and valued customers.  Sign up for a 14 day FREE trial.


Tanda is the ultimate solution for timesheets in the cloud. Experience real-time, automated creation of accurate timesheets as your staff clock in, complete with built-in photo verification. Say goodbye to manual data entry and incorrect times. With Tanda, ensure your employees are paid correctly, thanks to our robust award and enterprise agreement interpretation engine. Gain peace of mind knowing that Tanda seamlessly syncs awards rules and base rates with your existing payroll system. Need assistance with setup and integration? Contact us today.


Burdi is a cloud-based invoice reading and automation software designed to save businesses countless hours that are currently being spent on manually entering invoice information.  Burdi will extract information from each line item of any invoice or receipt and send that data straight into ServiceM8 and/or Xero, meaning you don’t have to!

Burdi is an alternative to Hubdoc and Dext that:

  • Reads every line on any invoice from anywhere – automatically!
  • Reviews extracted data and assigns account & tax codes in one click.
  • Maximises savings and profit margins with its purchase variation and sell price tools.
  • Exports the processed data to the business tools you use every day.
  • Allows reporting with detailed financial data so that you can make the right moves to grow your business.

So that you can relax knowing that everything is taken care of.


ApprovalMax is a cloud-based solution that automates approval workflows for financial documents, integrating with accounting software like Xero and QuickBooks Online. It enables custom, multi-step approvals for transactions, ensuring control and compliance. Features include role-based authorisations, automated notifications, and mobile access, making it ideal for streamlining financial operations and enhancing efficiency.

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